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TMB - White Black

TMB - White Black

🏆 Glass interior, a cool insulating exterior, different tops, secret compartment, tea infusion and 5 other features you will love!

  • Glass interior to keep drinks fresh
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • In production
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What do the different sizes include?

  • The Standard size includes the 4 different tops and the bottle in the 500ml variant.
  • The Pro Pack includes the 4 different tops and the bottle in the 500ml variant, the 720ml extension, the infuser and the straw.
  • The Ultra Pack contains everything in the Pro Pack + one tall insulation sleeve.

When is it shipping?

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Check out why everyone loves it!

TMB is the #1 most funded bottle on Kickstarter!

01/// Strong Glass Interior

durable Borosilicate Glass

Plastic bottles are bad for our health. That’s why our bottle is made from reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

02/// Cool exterior case

The Exterior Case protects the glass body, adds a layer of insulation, and extra functionality.

03/// Modular Design

Each TMB comes with a set of 4 different tops as standard. But that's not all. Because it is modular you can easily upgrade it to a 750ml version.

New modules will be made available in the following months.

  • 1. “Flat Cap”

    Perfect if you just want to sip
    without having to unscrew a cap

  • 2. “Classic Cap”

    If you want to keep things
    simple,just screw it on and
    throw it in the bag

  • 3. “Sport Cap”

    Easy open and close, perfect
    for the gym

  • 4. “Industrial Cap”

    Add a bit more style to
    your usual look

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04/// Secret compartment

It's super convenient to have a small compartment for carrying additional snacks, pills, and other small treats.

05/// Adds up over time

Switching to a reusable bottle is one of those small things you can do that add up over time. That benefits you and the environment.

  • One TMB botte can replace thousands of single use cups or plastic bottles. You get to help the enviroment and save big
  • On average, a drink made at home is $2 cheaper than one you buy on the go. So, in just a month of use, you already covered the cost of the bottle

06/// Accessories

Because we all have different
routines we’ve created a set of
unique accessories.

These will allow you to personalize and add just the specific features you need.

All unlocked accessories will be available for backers once we surpass our funding goal.

Available Add-ons

/// More to come

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Why Glass?

Don't you just hate it when plastic bottles start to smell after just a few uses? And even if you try to clean them, the smell just won't go away. That's where our glass bottles come in! They're made with high-quality glass that doesn't hold onto any odors, no matter how many times you use them. Plus, glass is super easy to clean and will always keep your drinks tasting fresh and pure. So why settle for a plastic bottle that just doesn't measure up?