5 Reasons why everyone loves these

Our ModularBottle is the most funded bottle in crowdfunding history!

Perfect Cleaning, Perfect Taste

1. Glass interior

Plastic bottles are bad for our health. That’s why our bottle is made from reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

Adapts to you

2. Modular tops

Each TMB comes with a set of 4 different tops as standard. But that's not all. Because it is modular you can easily upgrade it to a 750ml version. 

New modules will be made available in the following months.

Comes in handy

3. Secret compartment

It's super convenient to have a small compartment for carrying additional snacks, pills, and other small treats.

See how much you have left

4. Translucent section

The Exterior Case protects the glass body, adds a layer of insulation, and extra functionality. The median section has a translucent area so you can see your drinks .


People all over the world love them


I received my bottle and all of its accessories and I can’t tell you how happy I am with this product! The packaging, the form factor, the build quality, the color, the matte finish, the diffuse look of the transparent plastic, every cap I’ve found different utilitarian uses for as well. The gear cap I’ve found perfect for when I’m wearing gloves up her in Nova Scotia. The extender is fantastic and super useful as well. The strap comes in handy in all situations when I’m carrying it around. This bottle is absolutely perfect and I plan to get one for everyone’s birthday in the future! - Bradley, Canada

  • Hanc, France

    Order received today. The product looks great quality and eveything was carefully packaged. It's cool to have a modular bottle that can follow me to sports, hiking or to work. Very happy with the pledge

  • Logan, UK

    My bottle arrived this morning in the UK, I am very impressed with the look and quality of the product 😀 -

  • Chris, Australia

    OMG. Best project I have invested in. Quality is through the roof. Congrats guys. Beautiful product (arrived today in Oz)