July - Exciting Progress & Shipping Update

July - Exciting Progress & Shipping Update


We hope this update finds you well and excited about the progress of TMB.
We are thrilled to announce that we are now ready to begin mass shipping. However, we want to be transparent with you about the complexities involved in this process. Various factors, such as shipping duration to fulfillment centers, processing times, and regional delivery times, make it challenging to provide exact dates. Nevertheless, please rest assured that we are working tirelessly to resolve any potential issues as swiftly as possible. We have some positive news to share! 


All TMB Standard bottles and accessories, except for insulation sleeves, are now ready. Starting in August, we will commence the shipping of all TMB Standard units to our backers, and this process will continue throughout August and September.


Currently, we are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the Tall Glass and extra Glass so that we can begin assembling the Tall bottles. By the end of September, we expect to start shipping the first tall units, and this process will extend into October.
Additionally, we are waiting for the insulation sleeves to arrive from the factory. We want to assure you that the containers containing standard bottles and accessories are en route to fulfillment centers in Europe, America, and China. The
Couch Consoles will also be shipped simultaneously in the same containers as the standard bottles and accessories. For our backers, we have introduced a new color option: Black and Grey, along with updated spacers and anti-slip padding.
To express our gratitude for your support, we have added the strap and the protein shaker as complimentary items for all backers. We hope this gesture will make up for the delay experienced.


Regarding the extra modules, as soon as the factory completes its production, we will begin working on them. Backers will receive a 50% discount on the new modules as a way to compensate for the delay.


In terms of surveys, we still have around 2000 backers who have not completed theirs. We kindly request those who haven't done so yet to fill out their surveys as soon as possible. If you encounter any issues, you created your account using an Apple ID, or have not received your survey by email, please reach out to us at hello@modularbottle.com.


  •  Moving forward, we will conduct more packaging tests to ensure the bottles are safely protected during shipping. We had a few bottles break during testing, and we have taken steps to redesign the packaging to prevent any further mishaps.
  • We are also finalizing the tutorials on how to use The Modular Bottle, which will be included in the next update and made available on our website.
Rest assured, our team is fully dedicated to resolving any shipping issues that may arise. We are eager to get these amazing products to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We can't wait to see you enjoy your Modular Bottle!
Warm regards,
TMB Team
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