May - First Batch

May - First Batch

Firstly, the good news.

We're overjoyed to report that the initial feedback on our debut units has been overwhelmingly positive. The aesthetic appeal and practical functionality of the TMB have garnered rave reviews. To give you a glimpse into the final products, we've included a selection of photos and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Check out our first unboxing video:


And a few cool photos:

The design of the X cap is truly striking, and the dual-toned detailing on the base pairs with it perfectly, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal 

Our manufacturer has successfully achieved the perfect degree of light diffusion for the middle section, ensuring the right balance between clarity and light scattering.

Now, the less good news. 

We've encountered a minor setback related to the flat cap. As part of our efforts to enhance the sealing of the "Flat Cap", we opted to increase the gasket thickness by a seemingly insignificant 0.4mm. This minor change, however, has inadvertently blocked the necessary airflow required to maintain pressure in the bottle, leading to a drinking issue when using the flat cap.

For backers who are set to receive the first version of the flat cap, worry not! We will be sending you the updated flat cap as well.

Our dedicated team is already working on a solution to this unexpected hiccup. We anticipate that the fix, involving mold modifications and producing the necessary replacements, will take approximately one month. We sincerely apologize for this delay but assure you that it's an essential step towards delivering the quality you expect and deserve.


Regarding the surveys, we've decided to momentarily press pause due to the flat cap issue. Rest assured, we'll hit the 'resume' button in a week's time.

To date, we have sent the survey to only a few hundred of backers. However, we would like to clarify that these surveys were sent randomly rather than in accordance with the backer number. 

Our plan is to increase the number of surveys sent per day as soon as we approve the fix with our manufacturer. By doing so, we aim to expedite the survey delivery to all our backers in a fair and efficient manner.

Also, we understand that you may be concerned about the possibility of missing your survey due to the random distribution. Please be assured that once we have completed sending out all the surveys, we will post multiple updates to inform everyone that all are sent. These updates will provide detailed instructions on how to proceed if, by any chance, you have not received your survey.


We appreciate your understanding and patience as we iron out these small production wrinkles. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a top-notch product that meets your expectations and ours. Thank you for your continued support!


Best regards,

The TMB Team

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